Written by Tracy Waddles Williams

No, Mr. President, That's Not OK!

One morning, Ronald, an overly-confident fifth grader, enters the race to become the president of his grade level. During his campaign, he uses bullying and manipulation to win the presidency. Using these same tactics while president, his classmates begin to fear him, causing him to question his leadership abilities. After speaking with his dad, he realizes he must become a better president and friend, making that year the best year for the students at his school.

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Tracy Waddles Williams

Grew up in Compton. CA and is a product of the Compton Unified School District. She has her Masters in Special Education and currently works with students with Autism for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Through her many years of working in education, she has acquired an abundance of techniques to help children with their academic and social-emotional development.

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No, Mr. President, That's Not OK!


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Interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining

Elizabeth Reader
kindergarten Teacher

A great cross-curriculum resource to help teach social-emotional skills to young students.

Dr. Lisa Wright

I believe the timely and funny storyline, the relatable structural characters, and the social-emotional message in “No, Mr. President, That’s Not OK!” will appeal to children and adults alike.

CQ Wilder
Author & Educator